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New Vintage 50s Style Jukebox with CD & Radio

CD Jukebox with AM/FM Radio with Built In Stereo Speakers to Listen to your Favorite CDs and Tune Into Your Favorite FM and AM Radio Stations


  • Vintage 50's Style Jukebox
  • Vertical Loading CD player with clear viewing window
  • CD Player Plays CD-R & CD-RW discs
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Colorful Lights Illuminate On the Frame When Turned On
  • Built-in speakers easily fill a whole room with sound
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary input to connect Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod or nearly any device
  • Bright LCD Track Display & Strong
  • Listen to All Your Favourite CDs & Tune Into Your Favourite FM/AM Radio Stations
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Standard Power Adapter Included
  • Wood grain finish for that classic look
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty


Retro styling is very much in vogue these days, whether itís in the world of fashion or home accessories. And one of the most sought after of all retro home accessories is this jukebox, so beloved of cafes and bars in the Fifties and Sixties. Sure, you can still find modern-day jukeboxes with CD players incorporated into them, but their clinical styling cannot compare with the freestanding elegant styles of days gone by.

However, getting hold of an original period-style jukebox has become increasingly difficult. Even if you can find one, they tend to be extremely expensive and because of their sheer bulk they do not fit well in many modern homes or apartments. They also tend to require a degree of maintenance. A real aficionado may be prepared to put up with this inconvenience for the sake of retaining an authentic item from the past close at hand, but most of us require something a little more user-friendly and easy to live with. In which case why not try this New Vintage 50s Style jukebox, incorporating both a CD player and a radio?

In effect, this is a miniature reproduction jukebox, which allows you to enjoy that classic Fifties styling but with all the modern facilities we have come to expect in the digital age, including connectivity for both Android devices and your iPhone or iPad.  The jukebox is compact enough to sit on most racks, sideboards or tables, so itís perfect for modern living, but donít let the diminutive size fool you - the device packs enough sonic punch to fill  just about any space with sound.

Brand & Model:  Sound Logic VJB-15715 
Item Number:  2635 
Category:  Jukebox  (View All)
Style:  Retro  
Weight:  12.00 lbs
Status:  On Back Order





New Vintage 50s Style Jukebox with CD & Radio
Enlarge Picture
New Vintage 50s Style Jukebox with CD & Radio
Enlarge Picture
Retail: US $ 199.95 
Classic Buys:  US $ 147.95 
                           You Save 26%
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